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 What this unique service is all about: is a unique promotion service that allows you to blast your articles or ads with links back to your website or salespage to a growing network of member blogs.

I do not have to tell you that blogs is the best way to announce your website or product to public and... search engines. Yes, all search engines just love blogs and crawl them like crazy on a daily basis, especially those blogs, that get updated frequently. So having your keyword-rich topic-targeted article or press-release with your links posted on hundreds of live blogs is the huge jump-start for your website. You will almost instantly get hundreds of valuable high-quality one-way links to your website or salespage.

The best part is, we have blogs on this network, that already have a high Google PR 3, 4 or 5. Did you know you could be paying $10-$20 per MONTH for only ONE link on a PR4 site? Or up to $40-$50 per month for a quality PR5 link?

Well, with us you can have hundreds of one-way lifetime content links for a one-off small price. You do the math.

We currently have just over 1000 blogs on the network at this moment!

More blogs will be added after the site goes live and we start promotion campaign

Our Blogs Are On Different Servers

 We currently have 6 completely different servers from different datacenters with a total 48 different IPs. About 600 blogs are spread among them. And we have about 350 member blogs and growing from all different hosting companies.

 What that means is that your links will be posted on many sites with different IPs and will be viewed by Google and other Search Engines as quality completely separate links. this tremendously increases the value/weight of each link and the PR that it brings back to your website.

So here is what service can do for you:

- get search engine attention within minutes
- get a virgin new website crawled and listed within 24-48 hours
- get search engines visit your site daily
- get hundreds of one-way lifetime links back to your site
- you can use it for ANY site, in ANY niche
- get yourself fresh unique website content 100% free posted to your blog
- all totally automated - no need for manual labor

How It Works:

1. Pay the signup fee by clicking on the button below.
You will get your login details and will be able to login immediately.
You get one credit and can make one post to our whole network.

2. Prepare your article, advertorial or press-release with links back to your site or your product.
You can use html, just as if you were posting to your own Wordpress or Blogger blog.
You CAN put different links in your post!

3. Click on the Post link in the Members Area and paste your article in the form, click Submit. Your article will be submitted for approval by our editor and once approved will be posted to the blogs on our network - about 50 blogs per day.
So if we have say 1000 blogs on the network, your post will be completed within 20 days.

4. If you like what you get order more credits from the Members Area 8-) Will Give Your Site

  • Higher Link Popularity

  • Increased Traffic

  • Better Exposure

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  • More Affiliates

  • Ultimately Increased Sales

  • Increased Website Value

NOTE: the results will vary of course. But usually within 5-7 days you will find hundreds of one-way links back to your site if you search Google or Yahoo. Those links are permanent and will all be considered as quality backlinks to your site.

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If you are still in doubt...

Just compare To Some Alternatives


Promotion Method Time Cost Results
Natural link development 6-12 months or more free/time Hard to predict and guarantee any results
Article and press-release submission 3-6 months free/time Hard to predict and guarantee any results
Paying for 100 directory submissions 10-20 days $39-$69 Directory links are not high quality and not guaranteed to stay or even be included.
Buying permanent high PR links 1-10 days $1500- unlimited The cost is obviously the problem one click, then 5-7 days to see results $47 Guaranteed 350 + permanent quality backlinks on high PR websites

Apparently with you save at least $200+ and tons of time which for you can be even more valuable.

Give your site a huge backlink boost right now!

The service is planned to go public in full mode soon and at that time the price will be $47 and then $67 (1000+ blogs) and then up to $97 (1500+ blogs) as our blog network and membership grows.

Those who get in early will benefit the most of course.

I am sure you know the great deal when you see it ;-)

To your success,

George Pluss
Founder, - Power Linking and Site Promotion Service

P.S.  There is one great idea I want to share with you.

If you want to offer your website for sale, be that a simple one-page minisite, a blog or a content site with hundreds of pages, you need some objective measures to value your site.

Such things are of course
1. sales it brings
2. traffic it gets
3. backlinks it has from other websites

And this is where can give you a fast and reliable boost in quality backlinks.

Just think what will be the difference when you try to sell a website with 1-2 links in Google or with 348 quality static backlinks from sites with Google PR4,5 or even PR6.

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